AC Repair Marketing Las Vegas AC Repair Case Study

First Page Prodigy’s client, Las Vegas AC Repair, is a prominent Las Vegas-based company offering a range of air conditioning services for both residential and commercial clients, available for single repairs or ongoing maintenance contracts.

They have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, expertly trained in various aspects of AC repair and maintenance. Las Vegas AC Repair delivers a full spectrum of services, including HVAC system repair, routine maintenance, installation services, and emergency response solutions, ensuring optimal indoor comfort and air quality.


AC Repair SEO for Las Vegas AC Repair: Unhappy with the results from their previous SEO agency, they approached First Page Prodigy seeking better online rankings to increase service inquiries.

Las Vegas AC Repair had ongoing traditional marketing efforts, which allocated a budget for investing in organic Search Engine Optimization and local SEO.

First Page Prodigy’s goal was to implement a lasting SEO strategy focused on both on-site and off-site optimization, engaging blog content, website redesign, improved brand visibility, and ultimately boosting revenue from local customers.


First Page Prodigy worked intimately with Las Vegas AC Repair to develop a robust SEO strategy, which included comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis. Our goal was to boost organic search engine traffic and increase conversions through our SEO initiatives.

A key part of our strategy was to create a content marketing plan that produced valuable and engaging content, rich with relevant keywords for their website and blog. We also focused on building external links to improve Las Vegas AC Repair’s visibility within search engine results pages (SERPs).

On-site optimization tactics were utilized to enhance their website’s performance, such as optimizing meta tags and titles, improving image optimization, and refining the link structure. We also added new search terms to existing pages to boost traffic and ensure Las Vegas AC Repair had a thoroughly optimized site.

The result was a significant increase in organic search engine traffic and more leads generated from the website, contributing to the growth of Las Vegas AC Repair with minimal additional effort.

When faced with negative SEO from a competing local AC repair company, we actively removed spam links and continued to build a high-quality backlink profile for Las Vegas AC Repair’s SEO.

This strategy led to Las Vegas AC Repair attracting highly targeted organic traffic from Google, which increased revenue without the need for additional spending on Google advertising (PPC) or other advertising campaigns.


In just a few months, Las Vegas AC Repair’s organic search engine ranking significantly improved under First Page Prodigy’s guidance. Their website climbed to top positions for all targeted keywords, with their main keyword advancing from the second page to the first.

Impressively, their primary target keyword reached the number one spot without any additional investment in PPC or advertising campaigns.

The SEO campaign implemented by First Page Prodigy for Las Vegas AC Repair led to a 42% monthly increase in organic search engine traffic, which translated into a 25% increase in sales and customer inquiries.

Our long-term SEO strategy has allowed Las Vegas AC Repair to consistently secure high rankings for their key search terms and continue to generate leads through organic search engine traffic.

As a result of our SEO work, Las Vegas AC Repair experienced substantial growth in both organic search engine traffic and customer inquiries, facilitating effortless expansion of their business. The improved visibility on Google has been instrumental in attracting high-quality leads to their website.

Monthly increase average
0 %

Monthly increase in traffic from organic searches

Traffic Increase
0 %

Organic traffic to the website has increased by 243% in the time we have been working together

Conversion Rate
0 %

28% average monthly increase on visits to the contact page

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